Map Ruler Touch app for iPhone and iPad

4.5 ( 7045 ratings )
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Developer: Long Trail Development
1.99 USD
Current version: 1.7.2, last update: 1 year ago
First release : 15 Sep 2011
App size: 1.05 Mb

The fastest and simplest app to measure on-map distances in the App Store. Using your finger, not an awkward crosshair device that always gets in the way, quickly and accurately measure the distance between two cities, the distance to the end of the road, the perimeter of a lake or really anything else.

-Touch interface to draw the path which to measure
-All three standard maps: Map, Satellite and Hybrid
-Locate current location
-Imperial or Metric units
-Custom Units
-Selectable line thickness and color
-Straight or free line modes
-Support for both landscape and portrait orientations on iPad
-Nothing else useless!!

Developer Personal Statement:

“I had been running on a regular basis on my lunch break down at some athletic fields close to where I work creating a perimeter run around 3 or 4 soccer and baseball fields. I had been keeping track of my time, and thought I was running at a pretty good pace, but had no idea how far I was running for each lap. I downloaded a map distance app, and it took me FOREVER to plot all the points using some awkward cross hair device to finally come up with a distance. I downloaded 2 others, one of which also used the cross hair and one which was touch, but poorly implemented. I was left unsatisfied and wanted something quicker and easier to use. I decided I could do better and implemented my… Oh, and by the way, I was disappointed to find out, that I was running MUCH slower than I thought. Oh well."

Latest reviews of Map Ruler Touch app for iPhone and iPad

Hate it!
Too bad that after paying the money one finds that the app IS NOT COMPATIBLE WITH iPAD!! It will not display in landscape, which makes it very unattractive to me. The maps are VERY SLOW to re-display after a zooming function. I hate giving an app such low marks, but the fact is that Im completely sorry that I made this choice. Perhaps theyll get with it shortly and let iPad users enjoy looking at the screen in the manner they choose.
Great app
Easy, quick distance estimates when I dont need full directions and just want to have an idea of how far away a place may be.
Just what I was looking for, easy to use and handy for getting distances of trails
Fast, and fast
Im not really sure what that previous poster was talking about. It runs great on my iPad. I do have to agree that it might be nice to have support for both orientations, but other than that it was real fast and easy to use.
Crashes everytime when you try to change the brush color. Developer, How can you not catch this? Took me about 30 sec within using the app to find this.
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